Saturday, November 12, 2005

Little John, Archie Duncan.

Archie Duncan appeared in the Walt Disney film The Story of Robin Hood ( 1952) as the villain Red Gill (above) who failed to beat Robin in an archery contest, and later tried to assassinate him. Ironic then that three years later he would be playing Robin Hood's most trusted partner Little John in the Richard Greene television series. No other actor has come close to Archie Duncan in combining the qualities of strength, skill, and humour, that make up this essentially gentle giant of a character. After 10 episodes Duncan incurred a broken leg when he heroically pushed a group of children out of the way of falling scenery. This act of bravery earned him a medal, and he returned to the series when fully recovered.
For more information on where Little John met Robin Hood click THIS LINK. To see Little John's grave click THIS LINK. Also visit the Robin Hood Pictures website .

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