Tuesday, March 14, 2006

robin hood fights guy of gisburne

Top: Robin Hood (Errol Flynn) and Guy of Gisburne (Basil Rathbone) during the climax of the classic Adventures of Robin Hood. Beneath: Michael Praed as Robin Hood gives Robert Addie as Guy of Gisborne a rough time, but fails to heed Will Scarlet's advice to kill him in Robin of Sherwood.
Above: A spectacular picture from the climax of The Adventures of Robin Hood as Robin Hood and Guy of Gisburne lock blades in one of Hollywood's most memorable duels. In real life Flynn and Rathbone were the very best of friends.
For more information about Guy of Gisborne / Gisburne click here and here.

Above: Robin Hood holds off Gisbourne and his hounds. Wall plaque, Nottingham Castle Green.

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