Thursday, April 06, 2006

Robin Hood meets Little John.

Robin Hood would have needed a strong and loyal second in command. Keeping order of a band of outlaws, enforcing the principle of giving to the poor what they took from the rich, would not have been an easy task. Robin came across the ideal man for the job in John Little, an excellent swordsman and archer who stood just over seven feet tall, with scrawny beard and unkempt hair. It was a brave man indeed who would dare face up to John Little. But to test his skills, that's just what Robin Hood had to do.
Their initial encounter took place on a narrow bridge over a stream. (Probably the River Leen as seen on THIS LINK). Neither man would give way and let the other pass. Robin Hood drew his bow in anger. John thought him cowardly, having no bow himself, and challenged Robin to settle the dispute with quarterstaffs.
A long hard fight ensued in which both parties took injury before Robin was finally defeated and thrown into the river. Will Scarlet and the rest of the outlaws then appeared from the forest, threatening to kill John Little. But Robin, recognising what a fine lieutenant John would make, invited him to join his merry band, and wear the Lincoln green. It was at this point that Will Scarlet gave John Little the name of Little John, the man destined to become Robin Hood's most loyal friend and second in command of the Merry Men.
Today Little John's body lies in an outsized grave in a Hathersage churchyard. (See THIS LINK).
Middle: Wolfshead (1969)

Bottom: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938).

Below: The Adventures of Robin Hood television series (1950's)
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