Saturday, May 13, 2006

Robin Hood and Much the Miller's Son.

Above: Sam Troughton as perhaps the most significant Much ever, in BBC's Robin Hood (2006). Below: Jack Wild made a strong impression as Much, albeit a very small appearance in Prince of Thieves.

Much the Miller's Son is an inconsistent character within the legends of Robin Hood, but he is most commonly depicted as a young simple man who Robin Hood tries to save from being arrested for poaching the King's deer. Much's parents are persecuted as a consequence by the Sheriff's men, and Much flees to join Robin Hood's outlaws. In The Adventures of Robin Hood, he is played by Herbert Mundin (top left), in Robin of Sherwood, by Peter Llewelln Williams (bottom left). But in all interpretations of the Robin Hood story he can be seen as a symbolic figure, a metaphor for all the poor oppressed commoners of England.

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