Thursday, October 05, 2006

Robin of Sherwood : The Jason Connery series.

When Michael Praed made the somewhat dubious career move of leaving Robin of Sherwood for a bit part in an ailing American soap opera, he obviously created something of a dilemma for the continuity of the series. The solution the producers came up with was however totally in line with the basic premise of the story; that Herne's son is a chosen one, and not a birthright title. So it was that after the death of Robin of Loxley, the mantle of the Hooded Man passed to Robert of Huntingdon.
Nevertheless, no matter how logical that solution, the general public (and a significant number of fans), did not readily take to the substitution of their hero with a bleach blonde Robin Hood, and Jason Connery had not only to live up to the expectations of a role developed by Praed, but an audience keenly aware that his dad was James Bond. Thanks to the DVD boxed set collection Robin Hood fans like me, who were more than uncertain at the time regarding the Jason Connery series, can look back and lay such apprehensions to rest.
Richard Carpenter's writing in the third series of "Robin of Sherwood", especially in the initial three transitional programmes in which Jason Connery takes over the role, is if anything even better. Clive Mantle as Little John, certainly approaches his role with greater confidence and definition, more use is made of the popular Mark Ryan as Nasir, and the sets and locations show a continued high level of investment in the continued success of the series.
The third series of Robin of Sherwood has aged well, continuing to set the bar high for those that follow. Recommended.

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