Sunday, June 24, 2007

Robin Hood, BBC 1953

1953 was the year of the first televised version of Robin Hood. Directed by Joy Harington, six thirty minute episodes were broadcast live by the BBC from Gaumont-British Studios, London, from March 17 to April 21 of that year. Only one episode is believed to have survived. Patrick Troughton played the part of Robin Hood, opposite David Kossoff as the Sheriff of Nottingham. From what very little I've seen of the programme it would seem to have had a rather serious, sombre intent, but lacking the more stylish action of the Richard Greene series which was soon to follow. Of course, as we all know, Patrick Troughton went on to become Dr Who, whilst his grandson Sam Troughton would feature in Robin Hood in 2006.
Above: Patrick Troughton as Robin Hood, with Kenneth MacKintosh as Little John. Below left: Wensley Pithey as Friar Tuck. Centre: Possibly Philip Guard as Will Scarlet. Right: Possibly John Breslin as Alan A Dale.

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