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Robin Hood, BBC 1953

1953 was the year of the first televised version of Robin Hood. Directed by Joy Harington, six thirty minute episodes were broadcast live by the BBC from Gaumont-British Studios, London, from March 17 to April 21 of that year. Only one episode is believed to have survived. Patrick Troughton played the part of Robin Hood, opposite David Kossoff as the Sheriff of Nottingham. From what very little I've seen of the programme it would seem to have had a rather serious, sombre intent, but lacking the more stylish action of the Richard Greene series which was soon to follow. Of course, as we all know, Patrick Troughton went on to become Dr Who, whilst his grandson Sam Troughton would feature in Robin Hood in 2006.
Above: Patrick Troughton as Robin Hood, with Kenneth MacKintosh as Little John. Below left: Wensley Pithey as Friar Tuck. Centre: Possibly Philip Guard as Will Scarlet. Right: Possibly John Breslin as Alan A Dale.

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Blogger robin hood said...

Robin Hood 1953, cast list

Patrick Troughton - Robin Hood
Kenneth MacKintosh - Little John
John Breslin - Alan a Dale
Dudley Jones - Much
Wensley Pithey - Friar Tuck
Maurice Jones - Sir Guy of Gisborne
David Kossoff - Sheriff of Nottingham
Philip Guard - Will Scarlet
Maid Marian - Josée Richard

Director: Joy Harington
Writer: Max Kester

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

robin hood sorry to point out your mistake...but you wrote jonas armstrong was his (Patrick Troughton's grandson...when sam troughton is! Hope i was a help...Grace

1:43 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Grace,

There are days when I feel I should just crawl off and shoot myself..... through the head..... with an arrow!!

I think the confusion came from the poor phrasing of the text on an early BBC site.

But thanks! "Much" appreciated!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Clement of the Glen said...

Robin, do you think they will ever show that surviving episode?

8:28 PM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi Clement,

I know the BBC were petitioned to have it included with the dvd release of the 1975 Martin Potter version. Obviously to no avail.

I've put the only clip I have from it on the sidebar. This is from a BBC documentary. It looks like it was filmed via the TV screen during transmission. Even so, I know we'd all love to see the entire episode.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, I like the joke! Please don't shoot yourself because then we won't have a brilliant blog to look at! Grace

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great info site for Robin Hood fans! As a fan of both Robin Hood and Patrick Troughton, I dearly wish they would release this episode, or at least like the scripts to the other episodes. I think there's a lot of stuff the Beeb should release, actually. Sigh.

2:21 AM  
Blogger robin hood said...

Hi anonymous,

When "The Legend of Robin Hood" was going to be released on dvd I believe I'm right in saying there was an attempt by many fans to get this early version included as a bonus. Obviously it didn't come about. But i agree, it would be great to see this.

The BBC do indeed have many gems. For example, the Beatles Juke Box Jury (when they're all on the panel), was found again. But will we ever see it?

10:10 AM  

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